Fruity fun

10 Apr

The sun is shining outside so what better excuse to use my mum’s new juicer to make a refreshing fruity drink to enjoy in the afternoon sun rays.

All you will need:
Passion Fruit
Tropical/Apple juice

Make sure you wash all of you’re fruit before popping it in the juicer, then juice away to make a yummy juice drink. For extra sweetness mix with a ready made juice to stretch out the portions. If you’re in a smoothie mood you could try adding frozen yoghurt or sorbet to thicken the drink up.

Finish with lots of ice and a slice of fruit to decorate, and if your’e pushing the boat out a pretty umbrella for a special touch. Now enjoy the afternoon sun in the garden with the latest copy of Cosmo!

I don’t usually follow a recipe and find most fruits mix well, but if  your’e feeling a little more inventive why not have a look at some recipes  at: (there’s a great selection of alcoholic ones as well, why not try one for a warm evening treat!)

My fruity fun


One Response to “Fruity fun”

  1. limewire April 30, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    dang nice story dude.

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