I’m banking on Strickland

21 Apr

Most will know 26 year old Ben Drew by the name of Plan B, recognised for his rapping career in the UK and explicit lyrics of his views of young urban life. Lines such as “her arse is tight and her breasts are bloody enormous” being some of the “nicer” words used in his lyrics.  Others may recognise him for his role in Noel Clarke’sAdulthood” or more recently his role in Harry Brown (2009) where he starred against the famous Michael Caine.

4 years on from his gritty debut album “Who needs actions when you’ve got words“, Plan B has released his next album “The Defamation of Strickland Banks.” The album sees a fresh style completely different to his grime raps. His shift includes a clear conceptual old-fashioned Motown feel to it. This at the moment is proving to be working in his favour. His first single “Stay too long” reached the Top 10s and “She said” isn’t far behind as it takes an evident role in the playlists of most radio stations.

Plan B’s soulful voice definitely works in the album. Each song tells a different story of Strickland Bank; a British soul singer finding himself in prison for a crime he hasn’t committed. It is clear Ben has decided to follow a new path in his career, but I’m pleased to say his old ways aren’t completely forgotten as his casual rap voice slips through in the album, proving that he is still a very talented MC. The songs in the album combine his old ways with his new, while others take a completely soulful and relaxed feel. Personally I think the new contrast works very well and I can guarantee the album will remain in a well deserved slot on my ipod!

Personal favourites:

Hard Times

The Recluse

She Said

My opinion:

A definite must listen


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