3 May

Kayvan Novak known  as the man behind the voices of his TV hit Fonejacker has graced our televisions again.

Kavan no longer has the safety of hiding behind a phone line to outtake his prank calls. Facejacker allows Novak to go the next step and with the help of  prosthetic masks he can morph himself into a range of characters. The masks mean that Kayvan is unleashed into the real world to come up close and personal with the public. The series have already seen car salesman Terry Tibbs do Come dine with me, Augustus Kwembe beeping behind a Morrisons counter and Brian Badonde giving his opinion as an art critic.

The first 3 episodes have had me in stitches and I’ve found myself repeating phrases such as “How many bacon rolls are you wantings sir” and “BOH” (which is maybe not a good thing). Facejacker is a upgrade of Fonejacker and so far I’m loving it! As Terry Tibbs would say “Beautiful!”

Catch Facejacker on Friday’s at 10pm on Channel 44od or check out Youtube for some classic clips!


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