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TV Script: Dance with me

8 May

This television script was written for my Professional Writing Unit, the script in 1250 words sets up the opening scenes of a Crime drama in the UK. I was inspired by popular crime drama such as The Bill and Silent Witness.


Establishing camera shot. A dark dingy nightclub with poles and chairs set out. A number of ladies dancing in skimpy clothes and platform heels are watched by the eager eyes of middle aged men. Loud music plays in the background, no clear conversations can be heard due to the volume of the music. Flashing lights. Establishing shot changes to a close up of a young lady with long curly auburn hair in hot pants and a bra. Camera zooms back out.


Exaggeration on the heavy rain falling on the ground, camera zooms to the club doorway where the auburn haired girl is standing, fully clothed, sheltering from the rain. It is late at night, and the street is quiet. A man in a suit walks directly past the doorway but pays no attention to the girl.

SADIE (on the phone)

Babe, I’ll be fine, I’ll only be 20 minutes, I’m just waiting now.


Yep, see you soon babe (pause) no I won’t be late tonight (pause) yes I love you too.

SADIE puts her phone in her pocket as a black cab screeches round the corner and pulls up in front of the club; she runs through the puddles and opens the taxi door.

Lightning and thunder in the distance.



For the full version click here



3 May

Kayvan Novak known  as the man behind the voices of his TV hit Fonejacker has graced our televisions again.

Kavan no longer has the safety of hiding behind a phone line to outtake his prank calls. Facejacker allows Novak to go the next step and with the help of  prosthetic masks he can morph himself into a range of characters. The masks mean that Kayvan is unleashed into the real world to come up close and personal with the public. The series have already seen car salesman Terry Tibbs do Come dine with me, Augustus Kwembe beeping behind a Morrisons counter and Brian Badonde giving his opinion as an art critic.

The first 3 episodes have had me in stitches and I’ve found myself repeating phrases such as “How many bacon rolls are you wantings sir” and “BOH” (which is maybe not a good thing). Facejacker is a upgrade of Fonejacker and so far I’m loving it! As Terry Tibbs would say “Beautiful!”

Catch Facejacker on Friday’s at 10pm on Channel 44od or check out Youtube for some classic clips!

I’m banking on Strickland

21 Apr

Most will know 26 year old Ben Drew by the name of Plan B, recognised for his rapping career in the UK and explicit lyrics of his views of young urban life. Lines such as “her arse is tight and her breasts are bloody enormous” being some of the “nicer” words used in his lyrics.  Others may recognise him for his role in Noel Clarke’sAdulthood” or more recently his role in Harry Brown (2009) where he starred against the famous Michael Caine.

4 years on from his gritty debut album “Who needs actions when you’ve got words“, Plan B has released his next album “The Defamation of Strickland Banks.” The album sees a fresh style completely different to his grime raps. His shift includes a clear conceptual old-fashioned Motown feel to it. This at the moment is proving to be working in his favour. His first single “Stay too long” reached the Top 10s and “She said” isn’t far behind as it takes an evident role in the playlists of most radio stations.

Plan B’s soulful voice definitely works in the album. Each song tells a different story of Strickland Bank; a British soul singer finding himself in prison for a crime he hasn’t committed. It is clear Ben has decided to follow a new path in his career, but I’m pleased to say his old ways aren’t completely forgotten as his casual rap voice slips through in the album, proving that he is still a very talented MC. The songs in the album combine his old ways with his new, while others take a completely soulful and relaxed feel. Personally I think the new contrast works very well and I can guarantee the album will remain in a well deserved slot on my ipod!

Personal favourites:

Hard Times

The Recluse

She Said

My opinion:

A definite must listen

Usher: Raymond v Raymond

9 Apr

Usher’s last album ‘Here I Stand’ wasn’t a massive hit and I was a bit wary to listen to his new stuff. However I’ll give him credit as he’s won me over and I’m definitely rating his new album.

There’s a lot of speculation in the US at the moment that Usher still isn’t steering himself in the right direction. To be fair I think you’ve got to be a bit soft on him as after all he hasn’t had it easy for the past couple of years. (Especially after his divorce from wife and mother of his son, Tameka Foster.)

I think Usher’s definitely put his head down and put everything he has into his new album Raymond v Raymond. OMG (feat. is at number 4 in the charts at the moment and I have a feeling this album could do well, (better than his last anyway!) The album boasts a nice balance of slow jams and club hits.

However I’m still not a die hard fan of his new stuff and definitely think his old stuff is unbeatable, nothing beats his Confessions era. But maybe it’s time for us Usher fans to grow to love the more mature (but still well toned) Usher?

Personal favourites:

Hey Daddy (Daddy’s home)

Lil Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)

OMG (feat.

There Goes My Baby

My opinion:

Definitely worth a listen!

It’s good to be a gooner

23 Mar

Okay so any gooners would agree the past month has been a pretty hectic one for Arsenal. But personally I think the next month could be much more hectic (in a good way).

The Champions league draw didn’t quite go in our favour, but what better way to start our journey to make it to the final (Start with the hardest). Arsenal are due to face Barcelona next Wednesday (31st March, ITV 19.45 KO). Although I wouldn’t put money on my team (bad I know) I still have true faith in them. Arsene Wenger deserves a trophy sometime soon and what better way to face arguably one of the best teams in Football history. The one question I’m asking myself is will my beloved Thierry Henry play against his former Arsenal team?  It’s an interesting question to ask after Henry said, ” Of course I get excited about it. I’m a fan. I’ll be an Arsenal fan until I die and if you ask me how that makes me feel about the possibility that Barcelona might meet Arsenal in the next round of the Champions League should we both qualify, I have to say I find the idea unthinkable.” (Times online article)

Anyway we will see, Arsenal have a home start against the Spanish giants so if we can prevent them from scoring an away goal we will have the upper hand! If not there’s always the Premier League. Arsenal fans last week were graced with a day at the top of the table and now with a list of okay fixtures ahead of us I think we are in for a pretty good chance. After all we’re only 2 points behind Manchester United!

Remaining fixtures:

– Birmingham v Arsenal

– Arsenal v Wolves

– Tottenham v Arsenal

– Wigan v Arsenal

– Arsenal v Man City

– Blackburn v Arsenal

– Arsenal v Fulham

Lets hope our team stay fit and on their best behaviour to give themselves a chance to lift the trophy this season!

It’s grime time

22 Feb

It’s definitely a week for the English grime scene, as the likes of Giggs and JME release their latest tunes and Tinie Tempah climbs up the chart ladder with his latest song “Pass out”. I jumped in on the bandwagon by visiting Bournemouth 02 to see Tinchy Stryder, supported by JME and Example and backed up by Ruff Sqwad. (20/02/10)

Catch 22 concert

I visited Richmond Classics in Bournemouth in the day in an attempt to get my “Star in the hood” t-shirt signed by Tinchy himself. When greeted by him he recognised the retro t-shirt (its quite old as I caught it at a gig when Tinchy was just starting out and supported Kano in London). Personally I prefer Tinchy’s old stuff, but I decided to give the concert and his more commercialised music a chance.

The Stryderman himself

Members of Ruff Sqwad & Myself

It was an early event starting at 7pm, when I arrived I was pretty disappointed and was convinced I’d walked into a school disco, the room was overcrowded with youngsters! JME and Shorty from Boy Better Know faded into the background as I took more notice in the children jumping up and down over excitedly. Don’t get me wrong I love Boy Better Know but was upset they had been put on so early before the queue from outside had even been filtered into the venue.


Example was on next and definitely got the crowd going, the novelty of being surrounded by a majority of children soon started to wear off (until he swore, and I felt almost embarassed for the man that stood in front of me with his young daughter!)


Tinchy Stryder definitely put on a show, the lighting and techniques contributed a lot to this. He performed for just over an hour, supported by members of Ruff Sqwad and Maveric, covering most of his songs from his newest album Catch 22 and his number one chart topper “Number One”.

A blurred Tinchy Stryder

So all in all I enjoyed the show after I  blocked out the young audience. I soon relaxed when I found myself a nice little spot by the bar with my friends.

Tinchy is a great example of how a young boy can do big things.  He is extra proof that the London Grime scene is at a peak and more and more artists are continuing to hit this peak and raise the level up another notch!

Barbie Princess

19 Feb

Okay so it’s not long since Princess Tiaamii, Katie Price’s daughter had her gorgeous curls cut off by Pete’s brother. Katie repied to the shock as she posted on Twitter: “Petes brother has cut princesses hair off can’t put it in a pony tail why would they do that to prove what point!”

Then Princess was shown on ITV posing as Katie Price’s “Mini Me” in fake eyelashes and make-up much to Pete’s disgrace. Pete replied saying: “It’s a two-year-old girl with false eyelashes, full make-up for the whole world to see. To be honest I’m disgusted with it – I don’t want to see that.”

The pair who split in May have continued feuds over their children’s hairstyles. (Junior’s bleach blonde hair and Princess’  curly locks) The next level was reached when Katie’s sister posted photos on her Facebook of Princess happily posing in lashes and make-up. Katie doesn’t see anything wrong with her daughter in the make-up and to be fair to her I agree. Every little girl thinks of themselves as a “Princess” and attacks their mums make-up bag! They find it even funnier when even though they are completely aware of being in the wrong they continue to pose to their parents who dig out the cameras when unable to keep a stern, angry face.

If the eyelash drama didn’t rattle Pete’s cage enough, then this is sure too. Princess posed with a new ghd treated hairstyle. Personally I think it suits her, but yet again it is totally unecessary. The last event may have turned out to be a initially innocent fiasco gone wrong, but we all know Pete will definitely not be happy with the straight locks his daughter was rocking on ITV2.

I suppose he does have a point, after all Daddy only wants to protect his little 2year old Princess!

Timeline: Thierry Henry ♥

16 Feb

Thierry Henry has been most recently recognised for his controversial hand ball which set up a winning goal against Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers. However I want to concentrate on Henry’s famous football background, the games that made him  exactly who he is today and his successful career with Arsenal in the Premier League.

August 1995: Henry signs for Monaco at the age of 17, where he stays for 4 years scoring 20 goals in 52 starting games.

October 1997: Henry makes his International debut with the French football team against South Africa.

July 1998: Although not placed in the Starting 11 or on the bench, Henry’s International team beat Brazil 3-0 in the final of the World Cup.

January 1999: Thierry Henry begins a new career in Juventus, however he scores only 3 goals in 16 appearances.

August 1999: Henry signs for Arsenal in a £10.5 million deal. Arsene Wenger trusts he has potential and moves him to a striker position. Henry fails to score for 8 games, but finally makes his debut against Southampton.

July 2000: Henry wins the European Championship with the French team scoring 3 goals.

May 2002: Henry wins the double with Arsenal, contributing with his 31 goals scored.

June 2003: Henry is named PFA player of the year and Football Writers Association player of the year.

July 2003: Henry marries Nicole Merry (model) at a lavish ceremony in Berkshire.

February 2004: Henry scores his 100th league goal with Arsenal.

April 2004: Henry is named the first man to retain his PFA player of the year award.

May 2004: He remains part of the starting Arsenal team, and goes on to win the title and complete a league season unbeaten.

May 2005: Henry has his first child with girlfriend Nicole and wins the FA Cup with Arsenal again.

October 2005: Thierry Henry becomes the top goal scorer in Arsenal history where his goals total to 186, (one more than Ian Wright in the 1990s)

February 2006: Henry scores his 200th goal in a win over Birmingham

May 2006: Henry captains Arsenal in their first Champions League Final where they are beaten by Barcelona. He ends months of speculation over his contract, extending it by 4 years.

June 2007: Henry unexpectedly signs for £16.1 million at Barcelona where he keeps his number 14 shirt. Barcelona deny any rumours that the transfer is due to personal issues, promising it is only football related.

September 2007: Henry and his wife Nicole go through with a “quickie” divorce after there are rumours that Henry has out taken unreasonable behaviour with make-up artist Sadie Frost. He puts it down to getting away from “everything English.”

July 2008: Arsenal fans vote Henry the greatest Arsenal player.

November 2009: During a World cup qualifier match with France, Henry uses his hand to set up a winning goal. Henry admits to the goal saying; “I will be honest, it was a handball. But I’m not the ref. I played it, the ref allowed it. That’s a question you should ask him.” The speculation continues as Ireland demand a reply, but are denied by Fifa.

Entering Pandora

4 Feb

Avatar has been all over the press for the past month, I decided to finally watch it in order to make my own opinions…

Okay so the film seems a bit generic, a new planet which the American people want to tamper with and a hero that will go against his people to save his newly found romance. The film funny enough reminded me of one of my childhood favourites “Fern Gully” which no one else seems to remember

But for some reason the film for me really works. I think it might be down to the novelty of sitting in the cinema with ridiculous looking geek glasses and entering the not fully discovered Planet of Pandora.

The film centres on the character Jake Sully, an ex marine, limited to life in a wheelchair. The toxic atmosphere of Pandora means that no one can breathe without a mask so Avatars are used in order to allow people to travel deeply into the forests of the planet.

Sully is able to walk again when placed in his Avatar and it is his mission to convince the native “Na’vi” people to move from their home in order to allow the American people to extract a rare mineral they need to solve the energy crisis on Earth.

Jake Sully is granted the chance to become one of the Na’vi, Neytri  shows him the ways of their life and the importance of the environment they are surrounded by. Jake and Neytri obviously fall in love and he then feels it is up to him to save Pandora from the Americans, where he then leads the natives into a heroic battle.

As immature as this may sound, the colours definitely pulled me into this film. The film definitely wouldn’t of had the same effect on me without the novelty entrance into Pandora through the 3D glasses  The effects were very clear and the crystal like images kept my attention throughout (minus my popcorn).  On the other hand I liked the romantic undertone the film had, it reminded me of the classic Disney Films, a simple yet effective plot. I suppose I would describe the film as a Disney for Adults with the added bonus of extra pretty colours, the token relationship and a bit of Sci-Fi.

However definitely worth a watch in my opinion, one of many to come I expect!

The essentials

26 Jan

Most people will agree that without their specially selected websites they would be a little bit lost, I definitely couldn’t live without these ones…

1) The best way to keep in contact with friends online, and snoop for goss & photos as well as sharing my own.

2) Provides easy links to funny vids, film trailers and music, there’s always something guaranteed to make me laugh on here!

3) Asos: A way to keep up with the latest fashions by drooling over clothes I can’t afford,as well  as searching for online bargains!

4) Arsenal FC: As a true gooner I check the site regularly for updates on injuries, scores & fixtures. Not forgetting tickets, which I usually can’t afford!