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3 May

I’m not the biggest fan of Mars Bars, but I was still pleased when I was given a Mars Easter egg this Easter. It came in handy in making one of many of my weaknesses: MARS BAR CAKE. It’s so quick and easy to make, and once set usually hangs around for the same time it took to make it!


2 Mars Bars

75g  Butter or Margarine

2cups Rice Krispies

1tbsp Golden Syrup

Big bar of Chocolate to cover (dairy milk tastes the best)


Place syrup, mars bars and butter in a microwave bowl and cook on high heat for 2-3 mins until melted.

Stir in 3cups of rice krispies

Press over the base of a greased tin (or grease proof paper if your’e lazy)

Melt chocolate and pour over the top of the krispies

Refrigerate until set

Then enjoy, but try not to eat it all at once as it is very moreish and the calories aren’t kind!!


Fruity fun

10 Apr

The sun is shining outside so what better excuse to use my mum’s new juicer to make a refreshing fruity drink to enjoy in the afternoon sun rays.

All you will need:
Passion Fruit
Tropical/Apple juice

Make sure you wash all of you’re fruit before popping it in the juicer, then juice away to make a yummy juice drink. For extra sweetness mix with a ready made juice to stretch out the portions. If you’re in a smoothie mood you could try adding frozen yoghurt or sorbet to thicken the drink up.

Finish with lots of ice and a slice of fruit to decorate, and if your’e pushing the boat out a pretty umbrella for a special touch. Now enjoy the afternoon sun in the garden with the latest copy of Cosmo!

I don’t usually follow a recipe and find most fruits mix well, but if  your’e feeling a little more inventive why not have a look at some recipes  at: (there’s a great selection of alcoholic ones as well, why not try one for a warm evening treat!)

My fruity fun