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TV Script: Dance with me

8 May

This television script was written for my Professional Writing Unit, the script in 1250 words sets up the opening scenes of a Crime drama in the UK. I was inspired by popular crime drama such as The Bill and Silent Witness.


Establishing camera shot. A dark dingy nightclub with poles and chairs set out. A number of ladies dancing in skimpy clothes and platform heels are watched by the eager eyes of middle aged men. Loud music plays in the background, no clear conversations can be heard due to the volume of the music. Flashing lights. Establishing shot changes to a close up of a young lady with long curly auburn hair in hot pants and a bra. Camera zooms back out.


Exaggeration on the heavy rain falling on the ground, camera zooms to the club doorway where the auburn haired girl is standing, fully clothed, sheltering from the rain. It is late at night, and the street is quiet. A man in a suit walks directly past the doorway but pays no attention to the girl.

SADIE (on the phone)

Babe, I’ll be fine, I’ll only be 20 minutes, I’m just waiting now.


Yep, see you soon babe (pause) no I won’t be late tonight (pause) yes I love you too.

SADIE puts her phone in her pocket as a black cab screeches round the corner and pulls up in front of the club; she runs through the puddles and opens the taxi door.

Lightning and thunder in the distance.



For the full version click here


Story time – Bully

4 May

As part of our Professional Writing we were required to write a 1000 word story on any subject of our choice.

The story deals with real life issues of sexual and physical abuse means it can be presented anywhere that includes real life stories.

The story is aimed towards anyone that knows of anyone or has ever been involved with abuse at any time. The subject was chosen due to it being an issue that is very much prevalent in the news today. It is there to teach a lesson and provide help for its readers.

Research on the internet proved to be very successful when writing the story, it allowed a great insight of other people’s abuse stories and the hurt and anger they had gone through within their relationships.

He held my hand tight squeezing it as he dragged me through the front door. I didn’t want to go in but he insisted it would be fine and otherwise I was dressed up for no reason.  Billy wasn’t the possessive type which I was thankful for, it was almost as if he wanted to show me off to his friends.

As I walked through the door the smell of marijuana hit my nose, the air was thick with smoke. Mum would definitely be mad at me; she was expecting me home in an hour or two.

“Come on babe,” Bill tugged at my dress and led me through to the living room. I had told him I had a piercing headache, but my excuses soon ran dry and I had been forced to accompany him to the party.

“Stay here, I won’t be a sec.”

I sat down on the sofa as Bill went upstairs leaving me alone. I was used to it. The music in the house shook the walls. My head pulsated as I tried to ignore the drum and bass and concentrate on other things.  A small fresh-faced blonde girl came and sat beside me on the other side of the cigarette burned sofa. I introduced myself. Sophie was the girlfriend of one of Bill’s friends. Bill had never spoken about her before. She seemed kind hearted; her voice was soft and timid.

I felt more comfortable at the party. I ignored the music and spoke with Sophie.

“Wow this is gorgeous,” I said as I admired Sophie’s silver charm necklace which coiled round her neck.


As I looked at each charm individually, Sophie smiled pleasantly. As she continued to show me her dress strap fell down revealing a raw purple bruise on her shoulder. She shuddered away from me. I didn’t say anything. Our eyes glanced at one another. Moments passed before a group of boys entered the room.

“Alright ladies, we’re going now, hurry up,” Bill’s voice suddenly brought my headache back on.

As he dragged me out the door I smiled at Sophie, unable to say a proper goodbye.  Bill insisted I stay at his tonight. I knew Mum would be mad but there would be no point in saying no.

I didn’t look forward to the weekends much; I preferred being in college, spending time studying, I dreamed of getting into University next year. But Billy preferred I didn’t talk about it, and for me it was easier that way.  He always said I was wasting my time.

Bill’s eyes were glared and his stare pierced my skin as he forced me to get into bed. I daren’t argue I knew he had been taking drugs at the party.

I lay in bed, fully clothed. I hoped Bill would fall asleep or pass out in the bathroom, but I could hear him in the kitchen. I had half drifted off until I felt his tight grip around my body.

“Come on princess.”

Billy pulled me towards him resting his hands on my lower back, my body stiffened as he slowly pulled my dress up. I wasn’t in the mood. He grabbed my waist pulling me closer and locking his lips to mine, he moved slowly to my neck; the kissing became rough and unnecessary.

I tried to struggle free, pleading with him that I was not in the mood; that was no good. His cold hands ran over my body, every touch making me shudder with fear as he thrust his body towards mine. I felt his hand against my cheek with a burning slap. As I tried to get away from him and leave the room he grabbed me and head-butted me to the bed. I cowered away from him, holding my tender head. I lay under him crying, utterly desperate for him to stop, my face red and swollen. After Bill had fallen asleep I tried to leave, but he had locked the door. I sat in the bathroom like a prisoner, contained between four walls, towering above me.  Without thinking I grabbed a razor blade off the side.  I pressed the tip hard into my skin but the pain didn’t break through the numbness I was feeling. Crimson red blood poured out from my wrist and my breath became shaky. I can’t do this. I felt helpless.

The next morning Billy woke me up with breakfast. I forced down some toast with a fake smile, each crumb of toast repeatedly scratched my throat; it was sore from where I had cried myself to sleep. I was scared to go home, Mum was sure to say something about the raw purple bruises on my cheek and forehead. Billy left me to eat while he went to shower. Without thinking twice I left a note on the side, and went through his jean pockets to find the keys to let myself out of the house. I caught a glance of my reflection as I left.

Tears began to prickle down my cheeks as I left the complex, my pocket vibrated and an unknown number flashed on the screen, composing myself I answered.

“Hello Lauren,” a muffled voice said. “It’s Sophie, from the party.”

“Oh hi, how are you?” I was pleasantly surprised.

“I got you’re number from Jake’s phone, I was wondering if you could do me a favour,” she paused

“Yeah, anything?”

“I need someone to come to the police station with me,” she paused again.

My mind clogged itself with images of last night, did she know? Had Bill already told Jake what had happened last night? Surely not?  I panicked.

“Lauren, are you there, this is important to me, Jake hurt me last night, he split my lip and I had to go to accident and emergency, I met a really nice lady, we’re not alone Lauren, we can get help.”

Had she just said “we”?  I was so confused; my head went into overdrive as Lauren arranged a place to meet. The morning frost stung my cheek as the salty tears streamed down my face.  Before I knew it I was running towards Pine Park, I fought back the tears as Sophie came into view. She stood up from the park bench and threw her arms round me. We stood there for minute before either of us said anything. I had met Lauren the night before, yet it felt like I had known her all my life. We were both in pain. Her once vibrant face was hidden behind bruises and stitches; she passed me a tissue as we stood studying one another’s battered faces.

“We’re not alone.” Sophie repeated.

“Let’s go,” I replied

I didn’t want this for my life; I was ready to take a stand.

“Interview conducted at 18:40 Tuesday February 24th.

Mr Billy Davis we have evidence to believe that you have been abusing Lauren Hodges for the past year in your relationship. You have used your power to gain and uphold total control over your victim. You abused Lauren physically, sexually and verbally to the extent where she self harmed in the hope to kill herself and end the violence you have forced upon her.”

“You are a bully Billy Davis.”

Surveying the mounds

9 Apr

Last year we were required to write a feature interview for one of our assignments. I decided to interview Paul Mckenzie and ask him about the constuction of Northala Fields Park in Northolt Ealing. Two years on the park is being used successfully and turning into a perfect habitat for a number of different species. With the warm weather predicted this Summer there is no doubt the park will be used by all:

It is over two years since the Northala Fields of Northolt and Greenfield Park was opened in the spring of 2008 by Ealing council. The park offers a variety of ecological and recreational opportunities to the public.  I visited the park to track its growth over the past two years, and investigate the initial construction process the park went through in the four years it took to create.

Paul McKenzie ACinstCES survey director of McKenzie Geospatial Surveys undertook the leading role in the geospatial engineering of the park. His company specialises in providing land and engineering surveys/setting out for civil and construction industries. It merits itself on years of experience working with the bulk earthmoving sector involved with land redevelopment.

I met with Paul to discuss the process Northala Park went through to reach what it is today. He was first involved in the project at contract tender stage with the company CJ Pryor (contract) ltd in 2002. This required verifying the volumes that would be required to create the shapes as shown on the initial design for the park. The initial process also involved having an appraisal meeting with Ealing Borough council to discuss how the park would be constructed between the various contractors with their bid. Paul explains; “I was quite taken back by the initial designs because it involved the creation of four very large conical mounds on a flat landscape.” The tallest of which would be approximately 26 metres. These mounds would be the largest of their kind in Europe. After he was awarded the construction bid of the project, many tasks had to be undertaken before any construction could actually begin.

For full article click here

Story time – Sunshine

28 Mar

The other day after watching One born every minute on Channel 4 a short story idea came into my mind. It probably needs a lot of polishing, but this is how the first draft turned out:

The warmth of the sun peeps under the blinds as I lay waiting for Jake to awaken. He was late home from work last night so I decided to wait for him. It must have been past 2 when he came home, he slowly undressed and climbed into bed, laying next to me and slowly stroking my head. I didn’t stir. I didn’t fall asleep for about an hour because his intricate breathe kept me awake.

Jake and I have been going strong for 3 years now; I knew straight away we were well matched. His kindness overwhelmed me and it was clear he thought the world of me and me of him.

“Darling, how long have you been awake?”

“Not long,” I lied

The truth was I hadn’t slept well last night at all.

It has been over a year since I lost my first baby- Sunshine- but Jake preferred me calling her baby. I knew straight away when I was pregnant, my stomach had a different firmness to it and slight twinges made my body feel weak. 3 months passed and Jake had driven me to have my scan. The memory is vivid in my mind like it was yesterday. The doctor’s face turned pale as she frantically ran the ultrasound apparatus across my stomach.

“Wait here,” she said

Jake’s clench on my hand became clammy as his grin turned upside down. The wetness of his hand scared me. The doctor returned with another person- their face blurred and distorted. My mind became blank and Jake’s grip on me was lost as the numbness of my body took over me.

Her face screwed up as my numb body studied her facial expressions.

“Sorry,” she whispered

The coldness of my tears turned my body to ice contrasted with my throbbing hand where Jake clenched it so tight.

I didn’t leave our house for nearly a week, I couldn’t face the outside world- the sun rays. I often sat in her room, the soft lemon of the walls helped to soothe my mind. I often stared at myself in the mirror, studying the expressionless look that overwhelmed my face. The gap at the bottom of the blind often allowed the sun to poke through.

Things were different now; I had learnt to accept the hurt that over took my heart. I felt lost but it was if I had started to find myself again. Jake is a gem he helped me through my hurt.

Jake watched me as I peed on the stick, his blue eyes widened and I could sense his nervousness. I left the stick on the side before dipping into the bath that had been run for me.

The bubbles in the water caressed my body as I plunged into the water; a shiver ran through me as a single tear streamed down my cheek. It was the first time I had cried since her. The morning sun peeped through the open crack of the window. A cold breeze accompanied the sun and froze the tears as they slowly and simultaneously ran down my cheek.

The door handle turned and Jake poked his head round the door, his smile sending a sudden twinge through my body.

“Shall I?” he asked

I slowly lifted my legs, grabbing my hand around my knees as my body shrunk into a ball. I hadn’t been able to feel like this before.

Jake sat on the rim of the bath next to me, and slowly picked up the test- a twinge forced my body into spasm as the bath water rippled around me.

“You’re pregnant darling- we’re having a baby.”

The twinge struck again, as strong as a lightning bolt from the top of my body to my toes- It felt right this time- real- I thought as I clenched my smooth, firmed stomach. Jake clenched me in his arms as a final tear ran down my cheek.

“Let’s go out and celebrate, get some lunch or something, it’s a nice day and the sun is shining.”

“Sounds perfect,” I said smiling.

Patterned language

28 Mar

Last year we were required to write either 2 sonnets or a collection of limericks. I chose to focus on the sonnets after studying a number Shakespeare’s famous sonnets at A-Level.  Here’s my attempt at keeping to the conventional sonnet format:

Sonnet 1

My love for him is true but also rare,

His dazzling voice is music to my ears.

With each other many good times we share

Never would he hurt or bring me to tears.

The other man not special at all,

From him I did not get any pleasure,

He was a mistake, and I am a fool

It meant nothing it was out of leisure.

Though my secret love affair, that one night

Did make it clear and help me to notice

I wish to stay forever if I might,

With my true love and his meaningful kiss.

The furtive affair made it clear to me

That forever my love and I will be.

Sonnet 2

My lovers’ seductive eyes sparkle bright,

Forever with her I wish to remain.

When I lay close and next to her at night,

I think of when she entered my domain.

To the human eye she is seen faultless,

I know the truth of what lies beneath,

I want her to admit and to confess;

Her unfaithful actions cause me great grief.

I take pleasure in the times we do share

I am drunk with love, could never conspire.

Her sordid secrets do make my heart tear,

I dare to tell and be named a liar.

I believe it better if I forget

And be consumed by love like when we met.

Entering Pandora

4 Feb

Avatar has been all over the press for the past month, I decided to finally watch it in order to make my own opinions…

Okay so the film seems a bit generic, a new planet which the American people want to tamper with and a hero that will go against his people to save his newly found romance. The film funny enough reminded me of one of my childhood favourites “Fern Gully” which no one else seems to remember

But for some reason the film for me really works. I think it might be down to the novelty of sitting in the cinema with ridiculous looking geek glasses and entering the not fully discovered Planet of Pandora.

The film centres on the character Jake Sully, an ex marine, limited to life in a wheelchair. The toxic atmosphere of Pandora means that no one can breathe without a mask so Avatars are used in order to allow people to travel deeply into the forests of the planet.

Sully is able to walk again when placed in his Avatar and it is his mission to convince the native “Na’vi” people to move from their home in order to allow the American people to extract a rare mineral they need to solve the energy crisis on Earth.

Jake Sully is granted the chance to become one of the Na’vi, Neytri  shows him the ways of their life and the importance of the environment they are surrounded by. Jake and Neytri obviously fall in love and he then feels it is up to him to save Pandora from the Americans, where he then leads the natives into a heroic battle.

As immature as this may sound, the colours definitely pulled me into this film. The film definitely wouldn’t of had the same effect on me without the novelty entrance into Pandora through the 3D glasses  The effects were very clear and the crystal like images kept my attention throughout (minus my popcorn).  On the other hand I liked the romantic undertone the film had, it reminded me of the classic Disney Films, a simple yet effective plot. I suppose I would describe the film as a Disney for Adults with the added bonus of extra pretty colours, the token relationship and a bit of Sci-Fi.

However definitely worth a watch in my opinion, one of many to come I expect!