Portfolio: TV Script


Establishing camera shot. A dark dingy nightclub with poles and chairs set out. A number of ladies dancing in skimpy clothes and platform heels are watched by the eager eyes of middle aged men. Loud music plays in the background, no clear conversations can be heard due to the volume of the music. Flashing lights. Establishing shot changes to a close up of a young lady with long curly auburn hair in hot pants and a bra. Camera zooms back out.


Exaggeration on the heavy rain falling on the ground, camera zooms to the club doorway where the auburn haired girl is standing, fully clothed, sheltering from the rain. It is late at night, and the street is quiet. A man in a suit walks directly past the doorway but pays no attention to the girl.

SADIE (on the phone)

Babe, I’ll be fine, I’ll only be 20 minutes, I’m just waiting now.


Yep, see you soon babe (pause) no I won’t be late tonight (pause) yes I love you too.

SADIE puts her phone in her pocket as a black cab screeches round the corner and pulls up in front of the club; she runs through the puddles and opens the taxi door.

Lightning and thunder in the distance.



3.INT. 1 day later. Police station. Outside Super-Intendent FOSTER’S office.

Super-Intendent LEE FOSTER is sat behind his desk in a suit, while Detective Inspector RYAN BARKER knocks on the door then lets himself in, perching himself on the corner of the desk.


Morning Sarg, I’ve just had MADDEN on the phone and she says a body has been found down at the North Peckham estate.


Is there any identification on the body?


Forensics are down there now, all MADDEN’s said to me is we have an IC1 female, red hair and she looks like she has a lot of bruising to the body. (Turns up his nose)


Okay, if you want to gather a team and get down there straight away.


Yes Sarg

RYAN says standing up and heading towards the door.


BARKER, try keep the public as far away as possible, you know what it can be like down there.

RYAN smiles and nods as he closes the door behind him and walks down the corridor.

4. EXT. Peckham Road. Outside a Block of rough run down flats.

Cord tape has been put up to prevent the public from entering the crime scene. A crowd of people stand at the edge of the cordoned off area. There are 4 flashing police cars and an ambulance at the scene. The forensic team are busy taking clues and gathering evidence. Two officers are taking notes from the public and restraining the public from getting any closer to the crime scene. Inspector JANE MADDEN is stood by the rubbish bins talking to one of the forensic team. Camera shots should exaggerate the busy atmosphere of the crime scene. As BARKER arrives in the shot, the camera should zoom in on him and MADDEN.

BARKER walks over to MADDEN, as she sees him she ends her conversation and paces over to him.


Gov, how are things going here? Any idea of what we might have?


Well I was in the area, when I got a call that a body had been found early this morning, it was about 7.30am. A man found her while he was walking the dog. He said the dog was sniffing around by the bins and as he went over there the girl was slumped underneath a bin bag.(Sighs) She’s only young about I’d say about early 20s, such a shame.

Barker nods, reciprocating the conversation. The camera concentrates on the pair.


There is no identification on the body as of yet, she was found stripped bare, no clothes, no belongings. (Smirks) People don’t make it simple for us do they? (She looks quizzical) Can you get someone back at the station to phone around for missing people, we need a name before we can move on.


(Nods)Yep that’s fine.


In the mean time if you can help get any information off the public.

BARKER takes his intercom to his mouth and gives instructions to the recipient on the other side as MADDEN walks back over to the body which is being covered up and loaded into an ambulance.


(Shouts) Gov, we may have a lead already, we have a man at the police station saying his girlfriend never made it home after work last night.

MADDEN rushes back over.


Okay Barker come with me, let’s get back to the station straight away, I will send for someone to help finish up here.


Sure Gov, one sec.

BARKER walks over to the body, where it is being stretched into the ambulance.


Mind if I have a look? (He says to the person holding open the ambulance door). BARKER takes some gloves out of his pocket and pulls back the cover over the body.

Camera zooms in on BARKER’s wide set eyes; the camera immerses itself in the eyes of BARKER until it fades then jumps to the next scene.


5. INT. Lap Dancing Club [Flashback]

Loud fragmented music and strobe lighting is played as camera pans and zooms to a girl dancing sexually against a pole. We see the girl’s body in her skimpy clothing, but are unable to see the face or hair and therefore have no idea who the girl is.


6. INT. Small Studio Flat bedroom.[flashback]

A distorted point of view shot is shown of a girl messing about and laughing amongst bed covers and sheets. The girl is dressed in a baby doll outfit. The camera pans at distorted angles concentrating on different parts of her well toned figure. BARKER then gets into the bed and starts kissing and touching the girl sexually.


7. INT. Present day. Police Station Interview room.

A small empty room with a desk, on the desk sits a tape recorder. The atmosphere is tense and there is no background noise.

A young man in his 20’s is sat on one side of the desk, tears run down his face, however he keeps himself together. On the other side of the sat down is BARKER and MADDEN.


So Dan, do you have the picture of your girlfriend?


Yes this is my SADIE. (he says trying to compose his tears)

BARKER takes the photo from across the table and stares blankly at it. The picture shows a pretty auburn haired girl with a wide smile. He passes it to MADDEN.


I’m sorry MR MATHIS. Your girlfriend’s body was found this morning, it was already too late by the time my officers got to the crime scene.

DAN MATHIS cries uncontrollably unable to get any words out of his mouth, all the tears that he held back stream down his face, the camera zooms in on DAN then moves to a close up of Sergeant BARKER. The audience are able to hear the uncontrollable crying of MR MATHIS. Camera zooms out.


(Speaking into the tape recorder) Interview terminated at 14.43.


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