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It’s good to be a gooner

23 Mar

Okay so any gooners would agree the past month has been a pretty hectic one for Arsenal. But personally I think the next month could be much more hectic (in a good way).

The Champions league draw didn’t quite go in our favour, but what better way to start our journey to make it to the final (Start with the hardest). Arsenal are due to face Barcelona next Wednesday (31st March, ITV 19.45 KO). Although I wouldn’t put money on my team (bad I know) I still have true faith in them. Arsene Wenger deserves a trophy sometime soon and what better way to face arguably one of the best teams in Football history. The one question I’m asking myself is will my beloved Thierry Henry play against his former Arsenal team?  It’s an interesting question to ask after Henry said, ” Of course I get excited about it. I’m a fan. I’ll be an Arsenal fan until I die and if you ask me how that makes me feel about the possibility that Barcelona might meet Arsenal in the next round of the Champions League should we both qualify, I have to say I find the idea unthinkable.” (Times online article)

Anyway we will see, Arsenal have a home start against the Spanish giants so if we can prevent them from scoring an away goal we will have the upper hand! If not there’s always the Premier League. Arsenal fans last week were graced with a day at the top of the table and now with a list of okay fixtures ahead of us I think we are in for a pretty good chance. After all we’re only 2 points behind Manchester United!

Remaining fixtures:

– Birmingham v Arsenal

– Arsenal v Wolves

– Tottenham v Arsenal

– Wigan v Arsenal

– Arsenal v Man City

– Blackburn v Arsenal

– Arsenal v Fulham

Lets hope our team stay fit and on their best behaviour to give themselves a chance to lift the trophy this season!


The essentials

26 Jan

Most people will agree that without their specially selected websites they would be a little bit lost, I definitely couldn’t live without these ones…

1) Facebook.com: The best way to keep in contact with friends online, and snoop for goss & photos as well as sharing my own.

2) Youtube.com: Provides easy links to funny vids, film trailers and music, there’s always something guaranteed to make me laugh on here!

3) Asos: A way to keep up with the latest fashions by drooling over clothes I can’t afford,as well  as searching for online bargains!

4) Arsenal FC: As a true gooner I check the site regularly for updates on injuries, scores & fixtures. Not forgetting tickets, which I usually can’t afford!