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Entering Pandora

4 Feb

Avatar has been all over the press for the past month, I decided to finally watch it in order to make my own opinions…

Okay so the film seems a bit generic, a new planet which the American people want to tamper with and a hero that will go against his people to save his newly found romance. The film funny enough reminded me of one of my childhood favourites “Fern Gully” which no one else seems to remember

But for some reason the film for me really works. I think it might be down to the novelty of sitting in the cinema with ridiculous looking geek glasses and entering the not fully discovered Planet of Pandora.

The film centres on the character Jake Sully, an ex marine, limited to life in a wheelchair. The toxic atmosphere of Pandora means that no one can breathe without a mask so Avatars are used in order to allow people to travel deeply into the forests of the planet.

Sully is able to walk again when placed in his Avatar and it is his mission to convince the native “Na’vi” people to move from their home in order to allow the American people to extract a rare mineral they need to solve the energy crisis on Earth.

Jake Sully is granted the chance to become one of the Na’vi, Neytri  shows him the ways of their life and the importance of the environment they are surrounded by. Jake and Neytri obviously fall in love and he then feels it is up to him to save Pandora from the Americans, where he then leads the natives into a heroic battle.

As immature as this may sound, the colours definitely pulled me into this film. The film definitely wouldn’t of had the same effect on me without the novelty entrance into Pandora through the 3D glasses  The effects were very clear and the crystal like images kept my attention throughout (minus my popcorn).  On the other hand I liked the romantic undertone the film had, it reminded me of the classic Disney Films, a simple yet effective plot. I suppose I would describe the film as a Disney for Adults with the added bonus of extra pretty colours, the token relationship and a bit of Sci-Fi.

However definitely worth a watch in my opinion, one of many to come I expect!