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Please buy me these

6 May

The summer holidays are lurking nearer and nearer (after exam time of course)! As always any time on the computer has been spent looking at clothes I can’t afford. Here are some of my must haves that will definitely be gracing my summer wardrobe soon.

Bright Nails

The sun is shining so what better time to reveal your toes (after a pedicure that is). Barry M have some really cool ice cream colours. I’m loving the pink, blue and mint green.


Flirty florals are in, whether its in the form of  a top,dress,shorts. I’m liking this bandeau dress from Asos £38. If you don’t have the dosh why not shop around for a floral scarf or bad that will jazz up any plain outfit.

Clogs & Wedges

Yes they are back in! I was about 7 years old the last time I sported my lime green clogs. But this year I’ve gone for a neutral brown pair from New Look at only £30 to stomp around in. They will go great with bare legs and floaty dresses or cut off jeans for a more casual look. Asos have some nice ones (but at £85 they could leave a dent in the bank account) shop around for the best price and style.


Any colour or design goes. Great for everyday or team with a bandeau dress or oversized tee for a evening in the garden. I like these floral ones from Schuh.

Chain Necklaces

Statement pieces will totally dress an outfit up. I’m in love with this French Connection one from Asos, but can’t justify pending £25 on something that might not get worn as much as it should. Shop around for a better price. Any chain goes.