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Just Jas: Quick questions

19 Feb

A Twitter style Q&A Interview with Jasmin De VivoBA(Hons) Communication & Media student at Bournemouth University. Covering everything from Robert Pattinson, shoulder pads and  chocolate curry.

Codie: So Jas, how are you finding Bournemouth this year?

Jas:  Better than last year actually, I love all my friends they’re the ones that keep me going.

Codie: Have you had any good nights out in Bournemouth recently?

Jas: Yeah Bournemouth tends to be a good night out usually, I went out the other night in a Chelsea shirt! If only Joe Cole was out…

Codie: Hmm not sure about the Chelsea shirt, I’m an avid Arsenal fan through and through, Joe Cole is okay though I suppose. If you did come across him (unlikely I know) what outfit would you like to be spotted in?

Jas: My black dress with shoulder pads definitely, and a pair of gigantic heels, couldn’t go out without my heels!

Codie: What song are you guaranteed to get up and dance to when your out at the moment?

Jas: Erm, I actually don’t know pretty much anything!

Codie: Except for Mr Cole do you have any other celebrity crushes?

Jas: Definitely Robert Pattinson, I plan to marry him in 2015!

Codie: Random, but I do understand why people have a soft spot for Twilight! Anyway moving on from vampires have you got any plans for the future, what do you want to do after university?

Jas: I’d love to go travelling and hopefully I can find a decent paid job so I can pay my Dad back for all the money he has lent me already!

Codie: What would be your dream job?

Jas: An actress!! But if not then maybe a presenter I think, (laughs) as if!

Codie: The past couple of years seem to have gone so fast, is there anything you would relive if you could?

Jas: I think if I could, I’d go back to my College years and have a bit more fun, maybe not take my work so seriously and party a bit harder.

Codie: Sounds good, we all know Valentines Day has just passed, except for Robert Pattinson did you have a valentine?

Jas: No actually, I went to Leeds this weekend, my friend gave me roses and we went out for a chocolate curry followed by cocktails.

Codie: Eurgh chocolate curry, Sounds interesting!