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What’s in?

8 Mar

So it looks like the snowy rainy icy bad weather is finally starting to shift? Well maybe, but anyway what better time to review the biggest trends for Spring and Summer 2010 and start deciding where your spare cash will go. Spring is just around the corner so it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. I visited London Fashion Weekend to pick up a few ideas for my new wardrobe.

Knee High Socks

A must for 2010, knee high, thigh high or over the knee socks will add impact to any outfit. Neutral knee highs will go well with shorts, hot-pants or skirts for a casual look. For a more glam look team a coloured pair with a patterned dress or skirt and top combination.

High Slits

Don’t be scared, but yes high slits are in! Be prepared to show your whole leg and thigh and possibly a little further. The high slits will work best with light floaty fabrics and maxi style dresses. It’s an all or nothing style, it should definitely be worn when you want some attention and want to turn heads. Team with heels and make sure your legs are flawless. However tanned legs are always a plus.

Jumpsuits & Playsuits

Last years Summer must have remains and I’m delighted to say this year the all-in-one  can follow any style; tailored, loose, sporty,overall or just plain and basic. Any style goes and can be dressed up with heels and statement jewellery, or dressed down with sandals or plimsoles. No wardrobe is complete without one.

Global Prints

Patterns are in. Team loud prints with a pop of colour on your lips or eyelids.  Mix your prints with statement jewellery, dress up with gladiator heels, or for a day time look stick to sandals. You can play about with this style and be as outrageous as you like!

Boyfriend Blazers

Another must have. The boyfriend blazer has reached its all time high. A great way to add sophistication to any outfit. The great thing about them is they can be as bright or plain as you like! Remember to go for an oversized style and roll up your sleeves to get the best look out of it possible.

Nude Tones

The naked tones are in- whether soft fleshy or earthy and neutral, anything goes. The nude colours work best with floaty fabrics and lace. Make sure the clothing isn’t too tight and doesn’t match the colour of your skin (after all you don’t want people mistaking the pale tones for your’e skin!) Keep jewellery and accessories simple to get a natural but sexy look.