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Barbie Princess

19 Feb

Okay so it’s not long since Princess Tiaamii, Katie Price’s daughter had her gorgeous curls cut off by Pete’s brother. Katie repied to the shock as she posted on Twitter: “Petes brother has cut princesses hair off can’t put it in a pony tail why would they do that to prove what point!”

Then Princess was shown on ITV posing as Katie Price’s “Mini Me” in fake eyelashes and make-up much to Pete’s disgrace. Pete replied saying: “It’s a two-year-old girl with false eyelashes, full make-up for the whole world to see. To be honest I’m disgusted with it – I don’t want to see that.”

The pair who split in May have continued feuds over their children’s hairstyles. (Junior’s bleach blonde hair and Princess’  curly locks) The next level was reached when Katie’s sister posted photos on her Facebook of Princess happily posing in lashes and make-up. Katie doesn’t see anything wrong with her daughter in the make-up and to be fair to her I agree. Every little girl thinks of themselves as a “Princess” and attacks their mums make-up bag! They find it even funnier when even though they are completely aware of being in the wrong they continue to pose to their parents who dig out the cameras when unable to keep a stern, angry face.

If the eyelash drama didn’t rattle Pete’s cage enough, then this is sure too. Princess posed with a new ghd treated hairstyle. Personally I think it suits her, but yet again it is totally unecessary. The last event may have turned out to be a initially innocent fiasco gone wrong, but we all know Pete will definitely not be happy with the straight locks his daughter was rocking on ITV2.

I suppose he does have a point, after all Daddy only wants to protect his little 2year old Princess!