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Parliament still hanging?

8 May

Britain have been left with a Hung Parliament for the first time in 36 years. A Hung Parliament is not the result that Britain was hoping for. And no it doesn’t mean that the winning party went out and got stupidly drunk resulting in a bad hangover! It means that we are still waiting for a decision to be made and us as a country have been left ‘hanging’ to know who will take over (or remain) as Prime Minister due to the fact that no Party gained an absolute majority of seats.

Neither party reached the necessary 326 seats to win so at the moment Gordon Brown remains where he is until a joint decision can be made. The Conservatives won most votes (306) falling short of the majority, they have asked the Lib Dems to support them in order to form a government.  If the Lib Dems were to join with the Tories then the majority of seats would be settled, however many people are scared at the prospect.

Nick Clegg has said that the party who gained the most seats in the election should have the right to take charge. However he still stands by his word saying that the Conservatives need to prove they have strong enough policies to govern the country.  Clegg states “It is now for the Conservative Party to prove that it is capable of seeking to govern in the national interest.” (BBC)

Brown have offered the Lib Dems talks if no agreement can be reached with the Tories. However Gordon Brown might decide his best option is to resign, in which case it is likely the Queen would invite David Cameron to form a government.

So is this what the UK really want? Can the Lib Dems actually form a coalition with the Tories, the two most opposing parties of the three? Clegg has called for the UK’s electoral system to be reformed, saying it is “broken” believing it “simply doesn’t reflect the hopes and aspirations of the British people.

So who is to actually blame for this situation. Is it us? The queues at the polling station proved that people flocked to vote, but are people actually voting for the right reasons. Students complained that they were put in ‘slow queues’ because it was imminent that they would choose to vote for the most fashionable and liberal party by supporting Clegg and the Lib Dems. Others simply may vote because they have heard one policy that strikes a chord? After all the continuous media coverage in the run up to the elections did make it hard to understand who stands for what!

It leaves the question of what is the best outcome of this hung parliament, Clegg to join forces with Cameron and Brown to step down politely? (Will that actually happen) Or Brown to take a stand and prove to the Lib Dems that he should remain PM. There are a number of options but they will have to hurry with their decisions that must be made by the time the Queen declares the new Prime Minister on the 25th May where she has the final say.

Now all we can do is wait until the so called leaders of our country reach a mature and joint decision on who will run the country best- like that’s going to happen anytime soon!

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