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It’s grime time

22 Feb

It’s definitely a week for the English grime scene, as the likes of Giggs and JME release their latest tunes and Tinie Tempah climbs up the chart ladder with his latest song “Pass out”. I jumped in on the bandwagon by visiting Bournemouth 02 to see Tinchy Stryder, supported by JME and Example and backed up by Ruff Sqwad. (20/02/10)

Catch 22 concert

I visited Richmond Classics in Bournemouth in the day in an attempt to get my “Star in the hood” t-shirt signed by Tinchy himself. When greeted by him he recognised the retro t-shirt (its quite old as I caught it at a gig when Tinchy was just starting out and supported Kano in London). Personally I prefer Tinchy’s old stuff, but I decided to give the concert and his more commercialised music a chance.

The Stryderman himself

Members of Ruff Sqwad & Myself

It was an early event starting at 7pm, when I arrived I was pretty disappointed and was convinced I’d walked into a school disco, the room was overcrowded with youngsters! JME and Shorty from Boy Better Know faded into the background as I took more notice in the children jumping up and down over excitedly. Don’t get me wrong I love Boy Better Know but was upset they had been put on so early before the queue from outside had even been filtered into the venue.


Example was on next and definitely got the crowd going, the novelty of being surrounded by a majority of children soon started to wear off (until he swore, and I felt almost embarassed for the man that stood in front of me with his young daughter!)


Tinchy Stryder definitely put on a show, the lighting and techniques contributed a lot to this. He performed for just over an hour, supported by members of Ruff Sqwad and Maveric, covering most of his songs from his newest album Catch 22 and his number one chart topper “Number One”.

A blurred Tinchy Stryder

So all in all I enjoyed the show after I  blocked out the young audience. I soon relaxed when I found myself a nice little spot by the bar with my friends.

Tinchy is a great example of how a young boy can do big things.  He is extra proof that the London Grime scene is at a peak and more and more artists are continuing to hit this peak and raise the level up another notch!